“We believe vision-driven design is critical in fostering quantum leaps, and 
it complements needs-driven design and technology-driven design by 
looking beyond current-day limits.”

– Hiroshi Ishii, Dávid Lakatos, Leonardo Bonanni, and Jean-Baptiste Labrune of MIT Media Lab; Interactions magazine, Jan/Feb 2012 p49-50

I am an industrial designer and idea development specialist. I design, teach, and assist others in designing innovative solutions using a design method I developed and call
IDEAL design.

IDEAL design is a vision-driven design and innovation method for inspiring ideal ideas, concepts, and solutions beyond current limitations. It pragmatically inspires us to generate most advanced type ideas. These ideas may go too far for our customers to accept and/or technology to deliver so we use Lean Startup techniques to efficiently validate customer acceptance and technical feasibility. The ideal outcome is, as Raymond Loewy once said “most advanced yet acceptable” solutions.

Inspired by TRIZ and Lean Startup, this method focuses on generating solutions that maximize the benefits delivered and reduces/eliminates the costs & harms required.

This method fundamentally and pragmatically inspires inventive ideas and intellectual property that can be developed into innovative products and solutions. If you have any questions or if I can provide more information or details, feel free to drop me a line.

Specialties: Idea Development; Strategic Design; Industrial Design; Product Development (consumer software & hardware); Creative & Inventive Problem Solving (aka TRIZ); Lean Startup

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